Bootstrap Themes® Technology Consulting Services® service is all about providing you with the best technological solutions.

Your business website needs support on IT solutions, hardware, and consulting on the right set up. Maybe you have an e-commerce business to run, and you need someone to set up your IT infrastructure and software solutions.

By combining reliable customer service with our technical know-how, you can propel your business using up-to-date software platforms and robust computer hardware.

Our IT consultant associates can help implement effective systems into your business, channels, and platforms to provide you with things such as installations of Onsite Servers, server migrations to Microsoft Azure, and setting up of firewalls and networking solutions.

We also offer cyber security services, from a networking perspective to craft agile strategies and campaigns to protect your business from online threats.

In addition, we have a range of additional training add-ons such as IT training and development, courses and workshops.

If you are interested, please contact us for a consultation and quote.

What our customers say:

“We now have great WIFI and mesh systems in the office thanks to®, will definitely be repeat customers.”

“Really impressed with the service, we improved several aspects of our infrastructure with high speed hardware.”