Supporting innovation.

Innovation blog

Our blog share ideas and thoughts around five key elements, which we believe are the core foundations for creating innovative businesses:

  • Use your strengths
  • Create an innovative environment
  • Communicate effectively
  • Create an innovative culture
  • Use an effective innovation process

I appreciate this might sound a bit like a text book, but in our blog you will find articles which have been designed to be challenging. The articles are stored in categories, some articles will appear in more than one category, as they are relevant to both. We welcome your comments.

Business incubation

Joules Innovation is actively setting up new businesses, clubs and collaborations. We don’t limit ourselves to purely commercial activities because some of the clubs and collaborations create value for people in other ways. We work every day using the principles and ideas we share in the blog, so we walk-the-talk. We collaborate openly with others to bring teams of great people together who can use their strengths collectively to create new businesses opportunities.

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Encourage you to free up time

We encourage people to work smarter to free up time to do things they love doing. I love the outdoor life, hence the following suggestions, but it can be anything. Go walking in the hills or along the coast, go sea rowing or kayaking, go riding on a bike or even a horse - get out there - it a great place to reflect and think.

These are all great ways to recharge the batteries, unscramble the brain, enabling you to think more creatively and innovatively about your business. Sometimes you just have to take a break to see things clearly.

Why do we do all this?

Because we want to work with people that are full of energy, passion, enthusiasm and ... enjoy what they do. We want to live in a vibrant, exciting community and who knows, maybe one day, even change the world.

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