2nd August 2017

How many sausage sandwiches do you eat?

I was on a train up to London a while ago, writing all over the book I was reading, in red pen. It is what I do; write notes, underline text; I can then re-read the books quickly in the future. It also helps me concentrate on the content and develop ideas there are then. Read More …

28th July 2017

Sit on your own and think, or get out there?

If you have a great idea for a product or service, for a new or existing business, should you sit and develop your idea in isolation or get out there and see what’s going on around you and talk to as many people as you can? I know the product development process can be intoxicating, Read More …

26th July 2017

How do you measure standard of living?

Consumption is considered in economics to be the best way to measure standard of living. The more you consume the higher your standard of living. Many people maximise the consumption of food, drink, clothes, technology, property, cars, holidays, for enjoyment, show their status in society, to maximise their standard of living. However, doesn’t this simply Read More …

19th July 2017

The ‘instinct’ to blame, undermines our ability to innovate.

For many, the first reaction to seeing a mistake or failure is to assume that the person or item nearest to it, is negligent in some way – and therefore should be blamed. Harvard Business School did a survey with company executives and they found that the executives believe that between 2% and 5% of Read More …

29th November 2016

Time to face reality

A tourist was walking in the mountains and asked a ‘local’: “Which is the best way to the top?” The ‘local’ replied, “Well, I wouldn’t start from here”. Many people set themselves goals in life and in business and many people set targets for their staff. In principle I don’t have a problem with people having Read More …

28th January 2016

Do you find supporting lots of small exhibitions and events time consuming and stressful?

IPP Global Print provides production and logistics support for small events, exhibitions, seminars, wherever they may be – and take all the hassle away.   What is the Issue? Many companies are attending less big exhibitions and events and going to more of the smaller exhibitions, conferences, workshops, technical seminars, pop-up events as they find it Read More …

10th December 2015

What does Jack do?

Jack from IPP Global Print OK, not all businesses can have a Jack, but it never ceases to amaze me how a Jack-in-the-office can have such a positive impact on the performance of a team. We all have days when the stress levels can rise as targets need to be met, deadlines loom or innovative solutions are Read More …

10th December 2015

IPP Global Print

Joules Innovation is pleased to announce that IPP has freshened up their positioning and website as IPP Global Print, the IPP logo stays the same.   IPP Global Print supports clients in over 75 countries, has been trading for nearly 14 years now and has developed an international network of hubs, through which they print, store Read More …

3rd December 2015

Great Dorset ‘food & drink’ through the lens of Richard Budd

A great dish needs great ingredients … a great wine, great grapes … a great photo, great content … and of course you need someone who knows what they are doing.

18th November 2015

Concept Zone – new website

I am pleased to announce that we have a new website specifically for the Concept Zone. www.conceptzone.works The Concept Zone is for people in business that need a place where they can really think about the future – and innovate. Why don’t you leave the rat race behind … for a few hours anyway. When you need Read More …