Encouraging innovation.

Why should you innovate? You may ask.

Well, it may help you earn more money. It may reduce the hassle of running a business. It may create future opportunities. It may even reduce your working hours so you have more “free” time for something you love doing.

Now may I ask? Do you enjoy what you do?

Do you have a “spring in your step” every morning? Even Mondays?

Running a business is about making money, but it doesn't mean you can’t enjoy it as well. Of course you have responsibilities; bills to pay, perhaps a family to support, a pension to boost. We understand all that.

And when you started out in business there was probably plenty of excitement because it was “new” and the opportunities seem endless. But, as the weeks, months, years have gone by, has your energy and enthusiasm faded.

The reality of managing people, processes, finance, suppliers, technology, etc can become a burden and it is all too easy to spend more and more time doing “admin” rather than doing what we are best at.

At Joules Innovation …

... we are not consultants, we don't tell you what to do, we share ideas. We want to help you think about your future.

We encourage businesses to think about innovation and rekindle any lost entrepreneurial spirit.

As we say, "release yourself from the 'shackles of administration' and use your strengths to create value".

Innovation creates energy … energy creates enthusiasm.

And always remember “enthusiasm sells”.


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