How many sausage sandwiches do you eat?

I was on a train up to London a while ago, writing all over the book I was reading, in red pen. It is what I do; write notes, underline text; I can then re-read the books quickly in the future. It also helps me concentrate on the content and develop ideas there are then.
Anyway, the guy sat next to me asked me if I always scribble in books; he said it was drummed into him at school that he should “never to write in books”. He said he still wouldn’t be able do it.
I said “I scribble over everything I read to highlight the useful stuff, as much of the content in reports, books is useless and just filler material”.
He then related the story of a weekly report he had to submit to his boss. It took him most of every Friday morning to complete the report. What incensed him, in addition to the time it took, was that he believed his boss probably only looked at the introduction, never reading beyond that.
He decided he would start keeping a record, with fancy charts and graphs, of the sausage sandwiches he ate during the week, showing the day he was most likely to eat a sausage sandwich, type of bread, colour of sauce, with or without mustard. He inserted the charts towards the end of the weekly report.
Months later, his boss called him into his office and asked “What are you doing putting charts on sausage sandwiches in your weekly report?”
He replied, “I have wondered for a long time if you ever look at the report, beyond the first couple of pages, and I feel I am just wasting my time doing the weekly report. I have been including the sausage sandwich charts for months”.
His boss, admirably, admitted he rarely looked beyond the first few pages.
The report was immediately cut down to the information that was of value, that would help his boss make decisions, and provide the right level of accountability; no sausage sarnies.
The report now takes him about 30 minutes a week.

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