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Joules Innovation is pleased to announce that IPP has freshened up their positioning and website as IPP Global Print, the IPP logo stays the same.  

IPP Global print - translation, artwork ,global print, storage, distribution
IPP Global Print – supporting clients in over 75 countries worldwide

IPP Global Print supports clients in over 75 countries, has been trading for nearly 14 years now and has developed an international network of hubs, through which they print, store and distribute marketing collateral for their international clients.

The IPP Global Print team oversee the entire process from start to finish – through artwork adaptation, print management and storage and distribution; giving clients complete peace of mind. The IPP team is known for its excellent customer service. They also have an online management solution to track the progress of all projects 24/7.

IPP Global Print, storage and distribution
IPP Global Print – print, storage and distribution

The IPP Global Print team combine their knowledge and experience of international trade, local business practices, legislation and culture to deliver the best possible value and customer service worldwide. 

IPP Global Print produce literature and display material to support their client’s sales and marketing activity around the world. IPP have seen a growing trend towards small exhibitions and events, rather than the big shows; IPP is perfect for this type of activity.

IPP Global Print is headquartered in Dorset, UK with a wholly owned subsidiary, Dalian IPP, in China. Dalian IPP opened its doors 7 years ago and has given the team significant experience in supporting client sales and distribution channels throughout Asia.

If you need to produce any marketing collateral for any markets around the world, give IPP Global Print a call +44 1305 257 444.

And take a look at www.ippglobalprint.com.

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