What does Jack do?

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Jack from IPP Global Print

OK, not all businesses can have a Jack, but it never ceases to amaze me how a Jack-in-the-office can have such a positive impact on the performance of a team.

We all have days when the stress levels can rise as targets need to be met, deadlines loom or innovative solutions are required to solve urgent problems.

Getting stressed is rarely part of the answer – what you do need to do is ‘lighten up a bit’; but being told that by others never seems to work – so that is where Jack comes in.

Jack ‘works’ at IPP Global Print and I know for a fact that no one there can resist to smile when a happy Jack wanders into the office, or they walk into the office to be met by Jack. He is always happy, positive, fun-loving, sociable and never tires of being made a fuss of. He is though a bit of a poser.

On a serious note, creating the right atmosphere in an office is crucial to having teams work effectively together, provide customers with a ‘positive and friendly’ service and be able to think ‘creatively’ about issues that need to be addressed. It is hard to think innovatively when you feel you are ‘knee deep’ shovelling day-to-day stuff.

So go on – get a Jack.



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