Concept Zone – new website

I am pleased to announce that we have a new website specifically for the Concept Zone.

The Concept Zone is for people in business that need a place where they can really think about the future – and innovate.

Concept Zone, Meeting room for hire, Dorchester, Dorset
Walls covered in floor-to-ceiling white boards

Why don’t you leave the rat race behind … for a few hours anyway.

When you need to think about the future of your business, whether it’s strategy, tactics, innovation or change – don’t try sat at your desk or even in a meeting room; the phone will ring, email ping, you will be interrupted, you will be distracted.

Invest in your future and come to a place that enables you to think more effectively and conceptually – come to the Concept Zone.

The Concept Zone is in the relaxing countryside, just outside of Dorchester, in Dorset.

Why not take a look – its a great place to think.

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