don't instictively blame

The ‘instinct’ to blame undermines our ability to innovate.

For many, the first reaction to seeing a mistake or failure is to assume that the person or item nearest to it, is negligent in some way; and therefore should be blamed.  Harvard Business School did a survey....   >>>>> read on

innovation, streamline administration

How many sausage sandwiches do you eat?

Do you ask for reports that waste people's time?  >>>> read on


Do you job invoicing on the move with "here's my quote"

Sit on your own and think, or get out there?

If you have a great idea for a product or service, for a new or existing business, should you ....   >>>> read on

Climbing young adult at the top of summit with aerial view of the blue sky

How do you measure standard of living?

Consumption is considered in economics to be the best way to measure standard of living. The more you consume the higher your standard of living >>>>> read on

IPP Global print - translation, artwork ,global print, storage, distribution

Is supporting lots of "small" events stressful?

IPP Global Print provides production and logistics support for small events, exhibitions, seminars - wherever they may be - and they take all the hassle away >>>> read on

Mountain peak hidden in clouds in Himalayas

Time to face reality

A tourist was walking in the mountains and asked a ‘local’: “Which is the best way to the top?” The ‘local’ replied, “Well, I wouldn’t start from here”.  >>>>>   read on