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Create innovative organisations

Joules Innovation helps create ‘innovative organisations’.

We help create the right environment for people to flourish, create value and grow.

We share empowering ideas. We challenge established business practices and assumptions. We help reduce the all-too-common waste of time and resources on initiatives that have no long term value.

We help businesses create lean sustainable futures.

"The workshops are an excellent opportunity to step outside the business and look strategically at things that are important as opposed to urgent.”  Clare Jenkins, PSL


Joules Innovation offers:

Open innovation workshops: We share ideas on innovation and use case study based learning with small groups of people from different organisations, providing a range of valuable perspectives.

Company innovation workshops: Business owners and managers review their business in a workshop environment. We share ideas and help clarify thinking. We take an innovative and pragmatic approach. We are flexible and accessible so when you have issues to discuss, just give us a call.

Concept Zone: A dedicated environment with floor-to-ceiling white boards that allow your ideas to run free. The Concept Zone is an innovation hub, ideal for new business start ups and established businesses to work on new ideas.

Joules Innovation will create energy in your business.