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are you innovating?


... by creating the right environment in which you and your people can release their energy and "fly".

Engage your people, share empowering information and ideas, challenge established business practices and create a culture built around your peoples' strengths.

Create a "lean & agile" business fit for the future.

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"The workshops are an excellent opportunity to step outside the business and look strategically at things that are important as opposed to urgent.”  Clare Jenkins, PSL


Joules Innovation offers:

Open innovation workshops: We share innovative ideas and methodologies with small groups of people from different organisations. We work through business case studies and discuss options to solve problems and create opportunities. It is a great and interactive way to learn. 

Company (closed) innovation workshops: Business owners and managers come to the Concept Zone to review their own business in a workshop environment. We share ideas and techniques and facilitate to help clarify thinking. 

Partner innovation workshops: Based on the format of the open or closed workshops, we work with companies to develop specific content to address business issues they may face or help develop and test innovative ideas.

Concept Zone: A dedicated environment with floor-to-ceiling white boards that let your innovative ideas run free. The Concept Zone is available for hire. It is like an Innovation Lab, ideal for new business start ups and established businesses to work on new ideas.

Let's create energy in your business.